About Family Day Care

What is Family Day Care?


Family Day Care is quality child care for young children provided in registered Carerís homes.Carers must meet all of the criteria as set down by the State Departmentís Child Care Unit.


Carers will be responsible for no more than seven children under the age of 13 years, including their own children, at any one time. This means that children in one family can often stay together and the Carer can give each child the personal care and attention which is vital to help young children develop new skills and interests.



The Service;-


 Assists Parents to obtain suitable child care.

 Recruits Carers and provides on going training.

 Supports Carers and children by undertaking field visits, providing resources such as weekly playgroups, information, paints, glue, craft materials and toys.

 Process Attendance Records/Timesheets

 Registers Carers in accordance with the State Licensing requirements.

 Meets State Governments Licensing requirements, Quality Assurance Criteria and Commonwealth Financial Compliance requirements.

 Provides social opportunities for families, children and parents.


Launceston Family Day Care;-


 Is licensed by the Child Care Unit, Education Department Tasmania.

 Receives Network Support funding from the Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations.

 Is Accredited under Family Day Care Quality Assurance for family day care schemes.

 Is a member of Family Day Care Australia, the national peak body for the family day care sector.

Launceston Family Day Care


excellent child careÖ at home!